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 See our Firearm Relinquishment policy summary for a comprehensive discussion of this issue. 

In 2019, New Mexico enacted laws requiring some abusers subject to domestic violence protective orders to relinquish any firearm already in or subject to the their possession or control to a law enforcement agency, officer, or federal firearms licensee for the duration of the domestic violence protective order,1 within 48 hours of receiving service of the order.2 Law enforcement officers are also directed to remove firearms subject to the order of protection that are relinquished by the respondent, in plain sight, or discovered pursuant to a lawful search.3 More information about these removal requirements and procedures is available on our Domestic Violence & Firearms in New Mexico page.

In New Mexico, a handgun possessed or transported by a person under age 19, in violation of state law4 is subject to seizure and forfeiture by law enforcement.5

New Mexico has no other laws expressly requiring the relinquishment or removal of firearms from persons who have become prohibited from possessing them.

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