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In 2019 Connecticut enacted a strong ghost gun law,1 which:

  • Prohibits the sale or receipt of an unfinished frame or receiver unless (1) the sale complies with all regulations for the sale of a pistol or revolver and carries a serial number, (2) the transfer is between FFLs, or (3) the transfer is a pre-arranged surrender to law enforcement.
  • Requires that individuals manufacturing guns that are not subject to federal serialization requirements acquire a serial number from the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection and affix it to the firearm, and requires that such individuals pass a background check before being issued a serial number.
  • Prohibits the possession of unfinished frames or receivers by those prohibited from possessing firearms.
  • Prohibits aiding or abetting of the manufacture of a firearm by a prohibited person.
  • Prohibits the manufacture of a plastic firearm that “after removal of grips, stocks, and magazines” is not detectable by standard metal detectors.


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  1. Conn. Pub. Act No. 19-6 (2019).[]