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Oklahoma provides immunity to the firearms industry:

“1. [T]he state Legislature declares that the lawful design, marketing, manufacturing, or sale of firearms or ammunition to the public is not unreasonably dangerous activity and does not constitute a nuisance. 2. The authority to bring suit and right to recover against any firearms or ammunition manufacturer, trade association, or dealer by or on behalf of any governmental unit created by or pursuant to an act of the Legislature or the Constitution, or any department, agency, or authority thereof, for damages, abatement, or injunctive relief resulting from or relating to the lawful design, manufacturing, marketing, or sale of firearms or ammunition to the public shall be reserved exclusively to the state. This paragraph shall not prohibit a political subdivision or local government authority from bringing an action against a firearms or ammunition manufacturer or dealer for breach of contract or warranty as to firearms or ammunition purchased by the political subdivision or local government authority…[and this section] shall not be construed to prohibit an individual from bringing a cause of action based upon an existing recognized theory of law.”1


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