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Connecticut defines a gun show as any event at which 50 or more firearms are offered or exhibited for sale, transfer or exchange to the public, or at which two or more persons are exhibiting one or more firearms for sale, transfer or exchange to the public.1

At least 30 days before a gun show, the person who organizes, plans, promotes or operates the show must notify the chief of police, warden, or first selectman of the jurisdiction in which the show is to take place, of the date, time, duration and location of the gun show.2

Connecticut prohibits any person, firm or corporation from selling, delivering or otherwise transferring any firearm at a gun show until the person, firm or corporation requests a background check for the prospective transferee and receives an authorization number approving the transfer from the state Commissioner of Emergency Services and Public Protection.3

Connecticut now requires private sellers (sellers who are not federally licensed dealers) to have a background check conducted on a prospective purchaser when transferring any firearm, whether at gun shows or elsewhere. See the Private Sales in Connecticut section for further information, including additional laws that may apply at gun shows.


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