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While New Jersey does not explicitly prohibit gun shows, state law significantly restricts the sale of firearms at gun shows. No retail dealer is permitted to conduct a retail business in a mobile or temporary facility.1 Mobile means “a facility easily moved from one location to another.” Temporary means “not having indicia of permanency,” and a “temporary facility” includes, but is not limited to, garage sales, flea markets, gun shows and exhibits.2

New Jersey generally prohibits any person from manufacturing, transporting, shipping, selling or disposing of any handgun bullet comprised of specific materials, although the state explicitly allows licensed collectors of ammunition to transport certain ammunition from the collector’s dwelling, premises or other land owned or possessed by him or her to any gun show for the purposes of display, sale, trade, or transfer between collectors.3 See the section entitled Ammunition Regulation in New Jersey for more details.

See the section entitled Private Sales in New Jersey for state laws that apply at gun shows.


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