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Oregon law requires both firearms dealers and unlicensed sellers to perform background checks at gun shows before transferring any firearm.1 A “gun show” is defined as an event at which more than 25 firearms are on-site and available for transfer.2 For the laws applicable to firearms dealers, see the Oregon Dealer Regulations section.

Any person who is not a firearms dealer may not transfer a firearm at a gun show unless he or she either completes the transfer through a licensed dealer, or requests a criminal background check prior to transfer, receives notification that the person acquiring the firearm is qualified to receive the firearm, and has the recipient of the firearm complete the necessary state form, which the transferor must retain for at least five years and make available to law enforcement agencies for the purpose of criminal investigations.3 A person who organizes a gun show must post in a prominent place at the show a notice explaining these requirements, and must provide the required form to any person transferring a firearm at the gun show.4 These background check requirements will not be applied to a person who did not know, or reasonably could not know, that more than 25 firearms were at the site and available for transfer.5

See the Oregon Private Sales section for state laws that apply at gun shows.


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