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Tennessee does not regulate gun shows. In fact, an exception to the prohibition on possessing certain proscribed weapons with the intent to go armed (not including most handguns and long guns)1 allows individuals to possess such firearms when conducting or attending “gun and knife shows” where the program has been approved by the administrator of the recreational building or property.2

See the Tennessee Universal Background Checks section for state laws that apply at gun shows.


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  1. See Tenn. Code Ann. §§ 39-17-1302(a), 39-17-1311(a) (prohibited weapons include machine guns, short-barreled rifles or shotguns, and any other implements “for infliction of serious bodily injury or death” which have no lawful purpose).[]
  2. Tenn. Code Ann. § 39-17-1311(b)(1)(J)(iii).[]