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Indiana does not permit any person, including a person licensed to carry a handgun, to possess a firearm in or on:

  • School property (including private schools and preschools1); or
  • Property that is being used by a school for a school function or on a school bus.2

Exceptions to these prohibitions include non-students who:3

  • Are specifically authorized by a school board to carry a concealed firearm on school property;
  • May legally possess a firearm possesses the firearm in a motor vehicle;
  • Are school resource officers;
  • Keep a firearm:
    • Locked in the trunk of their motor vehicle;
    • In the glove compartment of their locked motor vehicle; or
    • Stored out of plain sight in their locked motor vehicle; and
  • May legally possess a firearm and possesses a firearm on school property in connection with or while:
    • Attending a worship service or religious ceremony conducted at a house of worship located on the school property; or
    • Carrying out official duties at a house of worship located on the school property, if they are employed by or a volunteer at the house of worship.

 See our Guns in Schools policy summary for a comprehensive discussion of this issue. 

  1. See Ind. Code Ann. § 35-41-1-24.7 for a definition of “school property”.[]
  2. Ind. Code Ann. § 35-47-9-2. In Indiana, a student who is identified as bringing a firearm to school or on school property, or in possession of a firearm on school property, shall be expelled for at least one calendar year. Ind. Code Ann. § 20-33-8-16(d). The school superintendent may, on a case by case basis, modify the period of expulsion for a student who is expelled under this section. Ind. Code Ann. § 20-33-8-16(e).[]
  3. Ind. Code Ann. § 35-47-9-1.[]