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Mississippi prohibits any person from carrying, whether openly or concealed, any firearm on educational property.1 Exceptions include:

  • Possessing a firearm within a motor vehicle which he or she does not brandish, exhibit or display in any careless, angry or threatening manner by people who are not students;
  • A firearm used solely for educational or school-sanctioned ceremonial purposes, or used in a school-approved program conducted under the supervision of an adult whose supervision has been approved by the school authority; and
  • Competitors while participating in organized shooting events.2

Mississippi prohibits concealed carry licenses from possessing a concealed handgun in any: 1) elementary or secondary school facility; 2) any junior college, community college, college or university facility unless for the purpose of participating in any authorized firearms-related activity; or 3) any school, college or professional athletic event not related to firearms.3 However, persons who have an enhanced concealed carry permit. are exempt from this prohibition.4 Applicants must be over age 21, pass a background check and have taken a voluntary course on the safe handling and use of firearms by a certified instructor to obtain the enhanced permit.5 Despite this exemption for concealed carry permit-holders who have taken a safety training course, private schools may still exercise their right as private property owners to exclude all firearms from their property if they choose.6

 See our Guns in Schools policy summary for a comprehensive discussion of this issue. 

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