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K-12 Schools

Montana prohibits any person from purposely and knowingly carrying a firearm in a school building.1 However, the trustees of the school district may grant advance permission to possess a firearm within the school.2 “School building” means all buildings owned or leased by a local school district that are used for instruction or for student activities.3 Montana does not appear to exempt concealed weapons licensees from this prohibition.4

In Montana, a teacher, superintendent, or principal shall suspend immediately for good cause a student who brings a firearm to school.5 The student must also be expelled from school for a period of not less than one year, except that the trustees may authorize the school administration to modify the requirement for expulsion of a student on a case-by-case basis.6 A school district may provide educational services in an alternative setting to an expelled student.7

Colleges and Universities

No express law prohibits people with concealed carry permits from carrying guns on the campuses of colleges and universities. No express law takes the power to regulate the possession of guns on campus away from colleges and universities either, therefore, colleges and universities may prohibit the possession of guns on campus.


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