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South Dakota law prohibits any person, including a concealed carry permit holder, from possessing or storing a firearm on or in any public elementary or secondary school premises, including school vehicles or buildings.1

Law enforcement officers are exempt from this prohibition.2 The state has also authorized school boards to create “school sentinel” programs and allow designated school employees or volunteers to carry concealed weapons on school premises. A person acting as a school sentinel must have a concealed carry permit.3

South Dakota law expressly allows firearms and air guns on public school grounds at a firing range, gun show, or school-supervised training session.4 Unloaded weapons are permitted for ceremonial purposes at color guard ceremonies,5 and the use of starting guns are permitted at athletic events.6

South Dakota law does not prohibit the possession of firearms on private school grounds.7

South Dakota law does not address the possession of firearms on college or university campuses.


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