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Alabama prohibits the carrying of a handgun in any vehicle without a concealed handgun license, except on the possessor’s land or at his or her fixed place of business.1 This prohibition does not apply, however, to any person permitted by law to possess a handgun while carrying it unloaded and store in a locked compartment or container that is in or affixed securely to the vehicle. The handgun must also be out of reach of the driver and any passengers in the vehicle.2

A person without a handgun license who is not prohibited from possessing a handgun may also transport it unloaded in a secure wrapper, from the place of purchase to his or her home or place of business, or to or from a place of repair or in moving from one place of abode or business to another.3 The general prohibition on handguns in vehicles also does not apply to the transportation of handguns as curiosities or ornaments unloaded and in a bag, box or securely wrapped package, when not concealed on the person.4

A public or private employer may not prohibit the transportation or storage of a firearm in an employee’s privately owned motor vehicle while parked in a public or private parking area if the employee is a concealed handgun license holder.5 The firearm must be out of sight while the employee is attending the vehicle.6 If the employee is not attending the vehicle, the firearm must be kept out of sight and locked within a compartment, container, or in the interior of the vehicle, or in a compartment or container securely affixed to the vehicle.7


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