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Alaska law allows anyone to possess a firearm within a motor vehicle, and the state, a municipality, or any other person cannot prohibit such possession. Alaska law also allows anyone to store a firearm in any motor vehicle that is legally parked as long as the vehicle or the firearm is locked, and no state, municipality or other person can prevent anyone from storing a firearm this way.1

An employer or its agent may, however, prohibit firearms possession in the following areas:

  1. Within a “restricted access area” (an area beyond a secure point where visitors are screened that does not include common areas of ingress and egress open to the general public);
  2. Within a vehicle owned, leased, or rented by the employer or its agent, or
  3. In a parking lot owned or controlled by the employer within 300 feet of the secured restricted access area.2

The state, a municipality, or a person is not liable for any injury or damage resulting from the storage of a firearm in the vehicle of another individual, as long as the firearm or vehicle is locked, and the vehicle is legally parked.3

Alaska prohibits the possession of a firearm in the interior of a vehicle when the possessor’s mental condition is impaired as a result of liquor or a controlled substance.4

Although gun possession is generally prohibited on school grounds, a person age 21 or older may possess an unloaded firearm on school grounds carried only in the trunk of a motor vehicle or encased in a closed container in a motor vehicle.5


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