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Delaware prohibits the possession of loaded rifles or shotguns in, against or on any vehicle, piece of farm machinery, motorboat while under power or sailboat while under power. Delaware also prohibits having any ammunition in the magazine or chamber of a rifle or shotgun in these locations.1

Delaware’s “Safe School and Recreation Zone” law prohibits any juvenile from possessing a firearm in any motor vehicle owned, operated, leased or rented by any public or private school, college or university.2


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  1. Del. Code Ann. tit. 7, § 708. Long guns may be transported in these vehicles if unloaded, however.[]
  2. Del. Code Ann. tit. 11, § 1457(a), (b), (c)(2). A state administrative regulation also prohibits weapons of any kind on a school bus. 14-1100 Del. Code Regs. § 9.15.[]