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Georgia allows anyone who is not prohibited from possessing firearms to have or carry a firearm on his or her person inside his or her motor vehicle.1 Georgia also allows anyone who is eligible for a “weapons carry” license to transport a firearm in a passenger motor vehicle – even if he or she doesn’t actually have a license.2 A private property owner or person in legal control of property through a lease, rental agreement, licensing agreement, contract, or any other agreement to control access to such property has the right to forbid possession of a firearm on the property.3

However, Georgia prohibits an employer from conditioning employment on the prospective employee’s agreement that he or she will not enter the parking lot when his or her motor vehicle contains a firearm or ammunition that is locked out of sight within the trunk, glove box, or other enclosed compartment or area of the motor vehicle, provided that the employee possesses a Georgia “weapons carry” license.4 This provision does not apply to an employer providing a secure parking area not accessible to the general public, or to an area used for parking on a temporary basis, among other exceptions.5 In addition, this provision does not restrict the rights of private property owners or persons in legal control of property, and when a private property owner or person in legal control of property is also an employer, his or her rights as a private property owner or person in legal control of property govern.6

Georgia generally prohibits anyone from boarding or attempting to board any aircraft, bus or rail vehicle with a firearm.7 However, a law Georgia enacted in 2010 allows the holder of a Georgia “weapons carry” license to carry a firearm in these locations.8 The law also allows a license holder to possess a firearm in a motor vehicle parked in a parking facility of a government entity, courthouse, jail, prison, place of worship, bar, or school safety zone, so long as the firearm is in the locked compartment of the vehicle, or in a locked container in or a locked firearms rack on the vehicle.9

Regarding guns in motor vehicles in wildlife management areas, see the section entitled Other Location Restrictions in Georgia.


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