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As of July 1, 2022 when its permitless carry law goes into effect, Indiana does not require a license to carry a handgun in a vehicle if the person is not prohibited by state or federal law from possessing a handgun.1

Despite the permitless carry law, Indiana still places restrictions on people who carry handguns in vehicles if they would not meet the eligibility requirements for a license to carry. People who would be ineligible for a license to carry but are not prohibited from firearms possession under state or federal law may still carry firearms in their vehicles or the vehicles of others if the handgun is unloaded, not readily accessible, and secured in a case.2

However, no person may adopt or enforce an ordinance, resolution, policy or rule that prohibits or has the effect of prohibiting an employee of the person from possessing a firearm or ammunition that is locked in the trunk of the employee’s vehicle, kept in the glove compartment of the employee’s locked vehicle, or stored out of plain sight in the employee’s locked vehicle.3 This restriction does not apply in various, specifically named locations including school property and a private residence.4

Indiana law generally prohibits operating a an off-road vehicle or snowmobile while transporting a firearm on or in the vehicle, unless the firearm is unloaded, and securely encased or equipped with and made inoperative by a “manufactured keylocked trigger housing mechanism.”5 This restriction does not apply to any person who may legally carry a handgun; is carrying a firearm on property he or she has a legal right to possess; or is carrying on property with the permission from the property owner.6


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