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A 2008 Louisiana law provides that a person who lawfully possesses a firearm may transport or store such firearm in a locked, privately-owned motor vehicle in any parking lot, parking garage, or other designated parking area.1 The law forbids a property owner, tenant, public or private employer, or business entity from prohibiting any person from transporting or storing a firearm in this manner, but this rule does not apply if access is restricted or limited through the use of a fence, gate, security station, signage, or other means of restricting or limiting general public access onto the parking area, and the employer or business entity provides facilities for the temporary storage of unloaded firearms, or an alternative parking area reasonably close to the main parking area in which employees and other persons may transport or store firearms in locked, privately-owned motor vehicles. The law also expressly allows an employer or business entity to adopt policies specifying that firearms stored in locked, privately-owned motor vehicles on property controlled by an employer or business entity be hidden from plain view or within a locked case or container within the vehicle.2

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