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New York generally prohibits the possession of a handgun, short-barreled rifle or shotgun, or assault weapon outside one’s home or place of business, except that persons licensed to carry a handgun may do so. For further information see Open Carrying in New York.

A license to carry or possess a handgun is generally effective throughout the state, except in New York City.1 Although a state license to carry a handgun is generally invalid in New York City, a license is valid if the firearm covered by the license:

• Has been purchased from a licensed dealer within the city of New York and is being transported out of the city immediately from the dealer by the licensee in a locked container during a continuous and uninterrupted trip; or

• Is being transported by the licensee in a locked container and the trip through the city of New York is continuous and uninterrupted.2

New York prohibits a person from storing or leaving out of their possession a firearm in a vehicle without ensuring that it is unloaded and securely locking it in a safe storage depository out of sight from outside of the vehicle.3

New York law provides that the presence in an automobile of any firearm or large capacity ammunition feeding device is presumptive evidence of its possession by all persons occupying such automobile at the time such weapon is found, except under the following circumstances: (a) if such weapon, instrument or appliance is found upon the person of one of the occupants therein; (b) if such weapon, instrument or appliance is found in an automobile which is being operated for hire by a duly licensed driver in the due, lawful and proper pursuit of his or her trade, then such presumption shall not apply to the driver; or (c) if the weapon so found is a pistol or revolver and one of the occupants, not present under duress, has in his or her possession a valid license to have and carry concealed the same.4

New York prohibits the possession of a loaded long gun in or on a motor vehicle, except in certain hunting scenarios.5


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