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Rhode Island prohibits the possession of a handgun in any vehicle or conveyance, or on or about the person, whether visible or concealed, except on his or her own land.1

This prohibition does not apply to:

  • A concealed handgun license holder;
  • The regular transportation of handguns as merchandise;
  • Any person while carrying a handgun unloaded from the place of purchase to his or her home or place of business, moving goods from one place of abode or business to another; or
  • Any person who holds a valid license or permit issued in another state that allows the individual to carry a handgun in any vehicle or conveyance, or on or about his or her person, whether visible or concealed, provided the person is merely transporting the firearm through Rhode Island without any intent on the part of the person to detain himself or herself or remain within the state.2

Rhode Island does not require a license or permit for the transportation of a handgun to or from a home or place of business and a target practice range, provided the handgun is broken down, unloaded and carried openly or secured in a separate container.3

Rhode Island also prohibits any person from possessing a loaded rifle or loaded shotgun while upon or along any public highway, road, lane, or trail, whether in a vehicle or not, except while legally hunting.4 This prohibition also applies to a person carrying an unloaded rifle or shotgun while in possession of a loaded firearm magazine.5


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