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Utah generally prohibits carrying a concealed firearm without a concealed carry permit–including an unloaded firearm on the person or a firearm that is readily accessible for immediate use which is not securely encased — in a vehicle, unless the vehicle is in the person’s lawful possession or the person is carrying the loaded firearm with the consent of the person lawfully in possession of the vehicle.1

Utah also generally applies the same restrictions on carrying a loaded handgun in a vehicle without the consent of the individual who is lawfully in possession of the vehicle, except for concealed carry permit holders.2 However, no person may possess a loaded long gun in any vehicle.3

Subject to limited exceptions, Utah law also generally prevents individuals from enforcing restrictions on individuals’ ability to transport or store a firearm in a vehicle on any property designated for motor vehicle parking, if:

  1. the individual is legally permitted to transport, possess, purchase, receive, transfer, or store the firearm;
  2. the firearm is locked securely in the motor vehicle or in a locked container attached to the motor vehicle while the motor vehicle is not occupied; and
  3. the firearm is not in plain view from the outside of the motor vehicle.4 This rule does not apply, however, to school premises, government entities, religious organizations, and certain residential units.5


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