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A concealed weapons permit holder in Alaska may not carry a concealed handgun “anywhere a person is prohibited from possessing a handgun under state or federal law.”1

The state prohibits any person from knowingly carrying a concealed weapon in the residence of another without his or her permission.2

Alaska generally prohibits the knowing possession of a loaded firearm, carried openly or concealed, in any location where liquor is sold for consumption on the premises.3 It is an affirmative defense, however, if: 1) the loaded firearm is a handgun that is covered or enclosed so that an observer cannot determine that it is a handgun without removing it from, or opening, that which covers or encloses it; and 2) the possession occurred at a restaurant and the defendant did not consume intoxicating liquor.4

Alaska prohibits the knowing possession of a firearm carried openly or concealed by any person within:

  • The grounds of, or on a parking lot immediately adjacent to, a child care center (other than a private residence);
  • A courtroom or office of the Alaska Court System, or a courthouse that is occupied only by the Alaska Court System and other justice-related agencies; or
  • A domestic violence or sexual assault shelter that receives funding from the state.5

Alaska has no statute prohibiting firearms in the following places, although administrative regulations may apply:

  • Parks;
  • Hospitals;
  • Places of worship;
  • Sports arenas;
  • Gambling facilities; or
  • Polling places.


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