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Except for concealed carry permit holders carrying concealed firearms, no person may possess a firearm in a building in Colorado in which the chambers, galleries, or offices of the state general assembly or any member, officer, or employee of the general assembly are located, or in which a legislative hearing or meeting is taking place.1

Local governments may enact regulations prohibiting open carrying of firearms in a building or specific area within the local government’s jurisdiction, as long as signs are posted to that effect.2

No person, regardless of a permit to carry a concealed handgun, may carry a concealed handgun into a public building at which security personnel and electronic screening devices are permanently in place at each entrance, each person entering the building is screened, and persons carrying weapons are required to leave them with security while in the building.3

Colorado prohibits any person from possessing, without legal authority, a loaded firearm in, or carrying or bringing a loaded firearm into, any public transportation facility.4

Open carry is also generally prohibited in polling locations and places where votes are being tabulated.5 On the day of any election or during the time when voting is permitted for any election, and during any ongoing election administration activity related to an active election, open carry is prohibited:

  • Within any polling location or central count facility
  • Within 100 feet of a drop box, any building in which a polling location is located, or any building in which a central count facility is located

Notice must be posted.

Please see the page on Guns in Schools in Colorado for additional relevant laws.

Colorado has no statutes prohibiting firearms in the following places, although administrative regulations may apply:

  • Parks;
  • Hospitals;
  • Places of worship;
  • Bars or restaurants where alcohol is served;
  • Sports arenas;
  • Gambling facilities; or
  • Polling places.


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