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Excluding certain exceptions for concealed weapons permittees, Utah generally prohibits the carrying of a loaded firearm:

  • In or on a vehicle;
  • On any public street; or
  • In a posted prohibited area.1

Utah prohibits the possession of a firearm within a “secure area” of an airport.2 A “secure area” for purposes of this section is an area established by the airport authority where firearms are restricted.3 A “secure area” must be located beyond the airport’s main area, and must have a notice prominently displayed.4 This prohibition applies equally to holders of concealed weapons permits.5

Utah authorizes the establishment of “secure areas” in correctional, law enforcement, and mental health facilities.6 Utah prohibits the intentional or knowing transportation of a firearm or ammunition into or on any “secure area” of a facility.7 State law also bans the knowing possession of a firearm at a correctional facility or in any “secure area” of a mental health facility without the permission of the authority operating the facility.8 Utah prohibits the transportation of a firearm or ammunition into or on any part of a correctional facility or into a “secure area” of a mental health facility with intent to provide it to an offender.9 To be a “secure area” for purposes of these sections, the area must not be normally accessible to the public, must have a notice posted at the entrance, and must have an adjacent area available for storing weapons.10

Utah regards “secure areas” as equally applicable to concealed weapons permit holders.11

State law allows correctional, law enforcement, and mental health facilities to further prohibit or control firearms and ammunition.12

Utah prohibits the knowing and intentional transportation or possession of a firearm in a house of worship or private residence if the organization operating the house of worship or the person with lawful right of possession of the private residence has properly given notice that firearms are prohibited.13 This prohibition applies equally to concealed weapons permittees.14

Utah has no statutes prohibiting firearms in the following places, although administrative regulations may apply:

  • Hospitals;
  • Sports arenas;
  • Gambling facilities;
  • Polling places; or
  • Establishments that serve alcohol.


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