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West Virginia prohibits any person from possessing a firearm or any other deadly weapon on any site that houses a court of law or in the offices of a family law master.1 The state also generally prohibits bringing any weapon upon the state capitol complex except when firearms are kept in locked vehicles, out of normal view.2

Any owner, lessee or other person charged with the care, custody and control of real property may prohibit the carrying, openly or concealed, of any firearm or deadly weapon on property under his or her domain.3 Any firearms possessor who refuses to temporarily relinquish possession of his or her firearm on such premises or who refuses to leave such premises, after being requested to do so, is criminally liable for a misdemeanor.4

West Virginia has no statutes prohibiting firearms in the following places, although administrative regulations may apply:

  • Hospitals;
  • Sports arenas;
  • Gambling facilities;
  • Polling places; or
  • Establishments that serve alcohol.
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