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Nebraska has no laws requiring the retention of sales or background check records by firearm sellers, or the reporting of sales of firearms to a state or local agency. In fact, Nebraska law provides that any records which are created by the Nebraska State Patrol (“NSP”) to conduct the criminal history record check pertaining to a potential buyer or transferee who is not legally prohibited from receipt or transfer of a handgun are confidential and may not be disclosed to any person.1 NSP is required by law to destroy any relevant records as soon as possible after approving the transfer, and must destroy such records within 48 hours after the dealer’s request.2 NSP may only maintain a log of dates of requests for criminal history record checks and unique approval numbers corresponding to such dates for one year.3

These provisions do not allow the state to maintain records containing the names of licensees who receive unique approval numbers or to maintain records of handgun transactions or the names of persons not prohibited by law from the receipt or possession of handguns.4


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