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Pennsylvania law states that a firearms dealer’s state license will be revoked if the licensee fails to keep a record in triplicate of every firearm sold and retain the records for 20 years.1

Pennsylvania law also requires firearm dealers to provide a record of the sale of any handgun or certain other firearms2 to the Firearms Division of the Pennsylvania State Police (“PSP”), which maintains a permanent database of these sales.3 Generally, no record of sale is completed for the purchase of a long gun;4 however, PSP must destroy any record of sale of a long gun within 72 hours of the background check.5 See the Pennsylvania Registration of Firearms section for more information.

Regarding long guns, the dealer must submit a statement to PSP within 14 days of the sale, containing the number of long guns sold, the amount of surcharge and other fees remitted and a list of the unique approval numbers given, together with a statement that the background checks have been performed on the firearms contained in the statement. PSP has a form available for purposes of submitting this statement.6


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