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There is no minimum age to possess rifles and shotguns in Louisiana but Louisiana law generally prohibits juveniles (defined as people under 17 years of age) from knowingly possessing a handgun,1 and prohibits any person from selling or otherwise delivering for value any firearm to a person under age 18.2 Lack of knowledge of the minor’s age is not a defense.3

This general prohibition does not apply if the juvenile is:

  • Attending a hunter’s safety course or a firearms safety course;
  • Engaging in practice in the use of a firearm or target shooting at an established range;
  • Hunting or trapping pursuant to a valid license pursuant to the laws of Louisiana;
  • Traveling to or from any of the above activities while in possession of an unloaded gun;
  • On real property with the permission of his or her parent or legal guardian and with the permission of the owner or lessee of the property;
  • At his or her residence and possesses a handgun with the permission of his or her parent or legal guardian; or
  • Possessing a handgun with the written permission of his or her parent or legal guardian, provided that he or she carries on his or her person a copy of such written permission.4

 Federal age restrictions impose stricter limits.


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