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Nevada prohibits a child (person under age 18) from handling or possessing any firearm except while accompanied by or under the immediate charge of a parent, guardian, or adult authorized to have control or custody of the child.1

Under certain circumstances, children who are 14 years of age or older may possess firearms without the presence of a parent, guardian or other adult.2 Generally, a child who has a valid license to hunt and the permission of his or her parent or guardian may possess a rifle or shotgun (that is not fully automatic).3 Parental permission alone is sufficient where the child is attending a hunting or firearm safety course, using a firearm at an established range or where the discharge of firearms is permitted, participating in a lawful competition or performance, traveling to or from such activities, on real property under the control of an adult, with the permission of that adult, or at his or her residence.4

The same exceptions apply to handgun possession, as long as the child has the written permission of his or her parent or guardian and is not otherwise prohibited by law from possessing a handgun.5

Finally, a child under age 18 may not handle or have in his or her possession or under his or her control a loaded firearm if he or she is:

  • An occupant of a motor vehicle;
  • Within any residence, including his or her residence, or any building other than a facility licensed for target practice, unless possession of the firearm is necessary for the immediate defense of the child or another person; or
  • Within an area designated by a county or municipal ordinance as a populated area for the purpose of prohibiting the discharge of weapons, unless he or she is within a facility licensed for target practice.6


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