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New Mexico generally prohibits any person under age 19 from knowingly possessing or transporting a handgun.1 Exceptions to this prohibition include:

  • Attending a hunter’s safety course or handgun safety course;
  • Target shooting at an authorized shooting range or an area where the discharge of a handgun without legal justification is not prohibited by law;
  • Competing in an organized handgun shooting competition;
  • Legally hunting or trapping;
  • Traveling with an unloaded handgun to or from an activity listed above; or
  • Possessing a handgun on real property under the control and supervision of the parent, grandparent or guardian of the underage individual.2

There is no minimum age to possess rifles and shotguns in New Mexico.

State law prohibits any person under age 18 from hunting with a firearm unless he or she is in possession of a certificate indicating successful completion of a state-approved hunter training course.3


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