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State law inTexas generally restricts people from intentionally or knowingly selling, renting, leasing, giving, or offering to sell, rent, lease, or give a firearm to any minor younger than 18 years old.1 This restriction on furnishing firearms to minors is subject to multiple exceptions, however, including if the minor’s parent or guardian gave written permission for the sale or transfer.2 

However, federal age restrictions also apply and impose stricter minimum age limits in some cases. Under federal law, licensed firearms dealers are generally prohibited from transferring handguns to young people under 21 and are restricted from transferring rifles and shotguns to minors under 18. Federal law also generally restricts unlicensed sellers (people who are not licensed gun dealers) from transferring handguns to minors under 18 but does not restrict unlicensed people from transferring rifles and shotguns to minors at any age.

For additional information related to child safety and storage of firearms around children, see the Child Access Prevention in Texas.


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