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Vermont law allows any person age 16 or older to possess a handgun without the consent of a parent or guardian.1 There is no minimum age to possess a rifle or shotgun in Vermont.

In 2018, Vermont enacted legislation to generally prohibit people from selling any firearm to a person under 21 years old.2 This law does not restrict gifts and transfers, however, and also does not apply to the sale of a firearm to a person under 21 if that person is a law enforcement officer or a member of the Armed Forces or National Guard, or if that person presents a certificate showing that he or she satisfactorily completed a hunting safety course approved by the state Commissioner of Fish and Wildlife.3

A separate Vermont law generally prohibits people from “furnishing” firearms or ammunition to anyone under 16, except for the minor’s parent, guardian, or instructor.4

 Federal age restrictions impose stricter limits in some cases. See our Minimum Age to Purchase & Possess Firearms policy summary for a comprehensive discussion of this issue. 

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