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The Secretary of the Maryland State Police maintains a permanent record of all completed transfers of “regulated firearms” (handguns and assault weapons). See the section entitled Retention of Sales & Background Checks Records in Maryland for further information

A person who moves into Maryland with the intent of becoming a resident must register all regulated firearms with the Secretary within 90 days after establishing residency.1 The application for registration must contain:

  • The make, model, manufacturer’s serial number, caliber, type, barrel length, and country of origin of each regulated firearm; and
  • The applicant’s name, address, social security number, place and date of birth, height, weight, race, eye and hair color, signature, driver’s or photographic identification soundex number, and occupation.2

The application fee is $15.3

Registration data provided under the above provisions is not open to public inspection.4

See the Maryland Assault Weapons section for information on the registration of assault weapons.

Maryland has no other firearm registration requirements.


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