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New Jersey does not require firearm owners to register their weapons except for, as of February 1, 2023, people who become residents of and transport a personal handgun into the state.1 However, all firearms dealers must keep a register of every handgun transferred, recording detailed transaction information in the register.2 The register shall be retained by the dealer and made available at all reasonable hours for inspection by any law enforcement officer.3 Copies of the register shall be delivered within five days of the sale to local law enforcement (or the county clerk) and the New Jersey State Police (NJSP).4 See the section entitled Retention of Sales & Background Check Records In New Jersey for further information.

In addition, prior to the time a handgun permittee receives the handgun, he or she shall deliver the permit to the seller, and the seller shall enter all the information required on the permit form.5 The seller shall keep a copy as a permanent record, and deliver the completed permit (or copies) to local law enforcement and NJSP within five days of the date of sale.6

New Jersey law does not provide for any registry of long-gun purchasers or owners.


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