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Assault Weapons

New York law requires the registration of weapons that constitute “assault weapons” as defined by statute that were lawfully possessed prior to January 15, 2013. For the definition of “Assault Weapon” under New York Law, see our section on Assault Weapons in New York.

An individual must make an application to register the assault weapon with the Division of State Police or apply to amend a firearm license on or before January 15, 2014. Registration means providing personal information, including race and social security information, and a description of the weapon. If a person unknowingly fails to register his or her weapon by January 15, 2014, law enforcement must give that person a warning, after which time the person will have an additional 30 days to register. Failure to register within 30 days results in forfeiture.

All registrants must recertify to the Division of State Police every five years after the initial registration. Failure to recertify will result in revocation of the registration.1

Assault weapons manufactured more than 50 years ago that constitute “curios or relics” can be lawfully possessed, but must be registered with the state. A registration of a “curio or relic” that qualifies as an assault weapon is transferable, provided that the seller notifies the state police within 72 hours of the transfer and the buyer of the curio or relic provides the police with information sufficient to constitute a registration. Such curio or relic that is transferred into New York must be registered within 30 days.2

Large Capacity Ammunition Magazines

New York only requires the registration of a large capacity ammunition magazine that qualifies as a “curio or relic” under state law (manufactured at least 50 years before January 15, 2013). Such large capacity magazine must be registered with the Division of State Police, and if such magazines are transferred into the state, the owner must register them within 30 days.3


All handgun owners in New York must obtain a license identifying each handgun they own. See Licensing of Gun Owners in New York regarding the license requirement.

See also Retention of Sales & Background Check Records in New York for information about sales reporting requirements, and Assault Weapons in New York for further details on assault weapon registration.


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