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Under Maryland law, a gun dealer must advise a purchaser or recipient at the time of transfer that the purchaser or recipient is required to report a lost or stolen regulated firearm to the proper local law enforcement agency.1

If a regulated firearm is lost or stolen, the owner must report the loss or theft to the local law enforcement agency within 72 hours after the owner first discovers the loss or theft.2

On receipt of a report of a lost or stolen regulated firearm, a local law enforcement agency must report to the Secretary of State Police and enter into the National Crime Information Center database, to the extent known, the caliber, make, model, manufacturer and serial number of the regulated firearm as well as any other distinguishing number or identification mark on the regulated firearm.3

For purposes of the above provisions, “regulated firearm” means a handgun or one of any specified models of assault weapons.4

Maryland provides as an exception to the prohibition on purchasing more than one handgun or assault weapon within a 30-day period the acquisition of another such firearm by a person who provides a copy of an official police report containing relevant information regarding the owner of the lost or stolen firearm and information regarding the gun and its loss or theft.5 See the Multiple Purchases & Sales of Firearms in Maryland section for additional information.


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