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A “personalized handgun” is defined under Maryland law as any handgun manufactured with technology incorporated into the design allowing the handgun to be fired only by a person who is the authorized user of the handgun, and that prevents any of the handgun’s safety characteristics from being readily deactivated.1

Maryland’s Handgun Roster Board (“Board”) is required to review the status of personalized handgun technology and report its findings to the Governor and the General Assembly on or before the first day of July each year.2 The Board, in reviewing the status of personalized handgun technology, shall consider information on the number and variety of models and calibers of personalized handguns available for sale, and any studies, analyses or other evaluations of personalized handguns conducted or commissioned by: 1) the National Institute of Justice; 2) a federal, state or local law enforcement laboratory; or 3) any other entity with an expertise in handgun technology.3


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