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Alaska law penalizes anyone who:

  • Removes, covers, alters, or destroys the manufacturer’s serial number on a firearm with intent to render the firearm untraceable; or
  • Possesses a firearm on which the manufacturer’s serial number has been removed, covered, altered, or destroyed, knowing that the serial number has been removed, covered, altered, or destroyed with the intent of rendering the firearm untraceable.1

Alaska does not:

  • Prohibit any person from giving false information or offering false evidence of his or her identity in purchasing or otherwise securing delivery of a firearm;
  • Prohibit obtaining a firearm with the intent to provide it to someone the person knows is ineligible to possess a firearm; or
  • Have any other laws aimed at firearms trafficking.


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  1. Alaska Stat. § 11.61.200(a)(5), (6).[]