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In Indiana, any person who knowingly or intentionally makes a materially false statement on the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Form 4473 (which federal law requires a purchaser to fill out when buying a firearm from a dealer) when purchasing a handgun commits a felony.1

A person who provides a firearm to an individual whom the person knows is prohibited from possessing or purchasing a firearm or intends to use the firearm to commit a crime commits criminal transfer of a firearm, a felony.2

A person who knowingly or intentionally sells, gives, or in any other manner transfers the ownership or possession of a handgun to another person who the seller knows is prohibited from purchasing a handgun or intends to use the handgun to commit a crime is guilty of a felony.3

Indiana also criminalizes the straw purchase of a handgun. A person who buys a firearm for another individual whom the buyer knows is ineligible to purchase or receive a handgun is guilty of a Level 5 felony.4 It is also a felony for an individual to purchase a handgun for someone the purchaser knows intends to use the handgun to commit a crime.5

A firearms dealer who knowingly or intentionally sells, rents, trades or transfers a handgun in violation of the state laws regulating such activities commits a misdemeanor.6

 See our Trafficking & Straw Purchasing policy summary for a comprehensive discussion of this issue. 

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