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North Dakota prohibits anyone from:

  • Giving false information or offering false evidence of the person’s identity in purchasing or otherwise securing delivery of a handgun or in applying for a license to carry the handgun concealed1
  • Supplying a firearm or ammunition to a person the transferor knows or has reasonable cause to believe is prohibited by law from possessing them under state law.2
  • Selling, bartering, hiring, lending, or giving a handgun to a minor, unless the minor is using the handgun under the direct supervision of an adult for the purpose of firearm safety training, target shooting, or hunting.3
  • Delivering to or providing a penitentiary inmate with a firearm intended to be used for an assault or to damage property.4
  • Knowingly supplying a firearm for use in a riot.5
  • Changing, altering, removing, or obliterating any mark of identification on a handgun, such as the name of the maker, model, or manufacturer’s number or knowingly possessing a handgun on which such alterations have been made. Possession of any handgun upon which any such identification mark has been changed, altered, removed, or obliterated creates a rebuttable presumption that the possessor made the alterations.6

North Dakota does not, however, penalize a gun dealer who fails to conduct the federally required background check on a gun purchaser.


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