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Utah penalizes:

  • Any person who purchases a firearm with the intent to resell or otherwise provide the firearm to a person ineligible to purchase it from a licensed dealer;1
  • A firearms dealer who fails to conduct the required background check on a purchaser;2 and
  • Any person who willfully and intentionally makes a false statement of the information required for a criminal background check.3

 In 2012, Utah enacted a law penalizing any person who:

  • Knowingly solicits, persuades, encourages or entices a dealer or other person to sell, transfer or otherwise dispose of a firearm under circumstances which the person knows would be a violation of the law; or
  • Provides to a dealer or other person any information that the person knows to be “materially false information” with intent to deceive the dealer or other person about the legality of a sale, transfer or other disposition of a firearm. “Materially false information” means information that portrays an illegal transaction as legal or a legal transaction as illegal.4


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