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Private firearms transfers (i.e., transfers by non-firearms dealers) are not subject to a background check requirement in Idaho, although federal and state purchaser prohibitions still apply. See the Idaho Background Checks section.

Idaho prohibits any person from selling to any minor under age 18 any weapon (defined to include any pistol, revolver or gun) without the written consent of the parent or guardian of the minor.1

Idaho also prohibits any person, firm, association or corporation from selling or giving to any minor under the age of 16 any firearms of any description or any shells or fixed ammunition of any kind, except shells loaded for use in shotguns and for use in rifles 22 caliber or smaller, without first obtaining the written consent of the minor’s parent or guardian.2

Idaho prohibits supplying, selling, or giving possession or control of any firearm to any person who the transferor knows is a gang member.3


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