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New Jersey requires that, for all handgun transfers the transferee possess a permit to purchase a handgun, which is valid for the acquisition of one handgun.1 For long gun (rifle and shotgun) transfers, the transferee must possess a Firearms Purchaser Identification Card (FPIC).2 One FPIC allows unlimited rifle and shotgun purchases as long as the holder remains eligible to possess the FPIC.3 Holders of a permit to purchase a handgun or an FPIC are subject to federal and state background checks.4

Firearm purchases from unlicensed sellers must be conducted through a federally licensed gun dealer unless the transaction is between immediate family members,5 law enforcement officers, or licensed firearms collectors. Some temporary transfers between private individuals are also exempt from this requirement.6

New Jersey prohibits any person from loaning money where the transaction is secured by any handgun, rifle or shotgun.7

In addition, the state prohibits any pawnbroker from selling, offering to sell, lending or giving away any weapon.8

For information regarding New Jersey’s age restrictions for firearm sales, see the section entitled Minimum Age to Purchase & Possess in New Jersey.


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