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With certain limited exceptions, if a person wishes to acquire a handgun or semiautomatic military-style assault weapon from a federally licensed firearms dealer in Minnesota, but does not have a transferee permit or a permit to carry a handgun, then the dealer must file a report with the chief of police or sheriff.1 A seven-day waiting period applies to such transfers.2 By the terms of Minnesota law, the dealer may not transfer the firearm for an approved transfer until five business days have elapsed since the transfer report was delivered to law enforcement, unless the chief of police or sheriff waives all or a portion of the seven day waiting period.3 The police chief or sheriff may waive part of the waiting period in writing if he or she finds that the transferee requires access to a handgun or assault weapon because of a threat to the life of the transferee or a member of the transferee’s household.4

The waiting period requirement does not apply to transfers by private sellers (non-firearms dealers).5


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