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New Hampshire

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Opposing harmful legislation backed by the gun lobby

Giffords and law enforcement officials on the Advisory Board for the Giffords New Hampshire Coalition, formerly known as the Granite State Coalition for Common Sense, spoke out in opposition to a dangerous bill backed by the gun lobby. This legislation, which ultimately became law in February 2017, repealed New Hampshire’s concealed carry permitting system, which had been in place for nearly a century. It now makes it easier for dangerous, untrained individuals to carry loaded, concealed weapons in public.

Gun Laws in New Hampshire

The Giffords Law Center provides extensive, in-depth summaries of federal, state, and local firearm laws and policies. As the most comprehensive resource for information on United States gun laws, our experts at the Law Center research, write, defend, and enact the laws, policies, and programs proven to reduce gun violence and save lives.

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