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Annette Taddeo

US House Florida — 27th District Democrat
In 2017, State Senator Annette Taddeo made history by flipping a historically red seat blue—making her the first Latina Democrat ever elected to the Florida Senate. 

Senator Taddeo is familiar with the dangers of armed intimidation, as she was forced to flee her home in Colombia when a Marxist terrorist group, funded by the Cuban regime, kidnapped her father as a teenager. In office, she has fought to protect her constituents from similar violent instances by working to pass commonsense solutions to combat gun violence in Florida. As the working mom of a public school student, she also knows that there is so much more to do to ensure the safety of children in their classrooms, and Senator Taddeo is also acutely aware of the challenges that exist in her state when it comes to passing gun safety laws. In 2021, she sought to circumvent the dangerous actions of her state’s NRA-backed governor by introducing a bill that would repeal the Florida law that forbids local jurisdictions from enacting gun laws that are more restrictive than state law. Each community should be given the autonomy it deserves to provide additional protections for children and families, and we know Senator Taddeo will be a key ally in the fight to pass federal legislation to further protect Floridians once she’s elected to Congress.

Florida is ground zero for Giffords’s electoral work this fall, and we are determined to help Senator Taddeo flip the 27th District back blue. With her in office, we know that Floridians will always have a devoted gun safety champion as their voice in Congress. Now more than ever, we need sensible leaders like Senator Annette Taddeo in office to help combat the scourge of gun violence once and for all, and to help create a safer, healthier future for all of our children.

We are proud to endorse Annette Taddeo for the US House of Representatives.