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Betsy Carr

State House Virginia — HD-78 Democrat
Delegate Betsy Carr has built a lasting legacy as a champion for gun violence prevention measures throughout her time in the House of Delegates. Like so many in this movement, she knows that lives can be changed forever in just a matter of moments when hit by a stray bullet, and she’s taken significant action to introduce and pass legislation to reduce celebratory gunfire while serving her community in Richmond. Delegate Carr has also pushed for stronger limits on the availability of high-capacity magazines, which have afforded those seeking to do harm the opportunity to inflict maximum damage in far too many mass shootings. No Virginian should have to live in fear of being shot anywhere in their community, and Delegate Carr has been a fervent advocate for legislation to prohibit firearms in libraries and school zones—because that is what our children deserve. This fall, we must flip the Virginia House of Delegates to give champions like Delegate Betsy Carr the ability to continue making real strides on the issue of gun violence. With her championing this cause in the legislature, a safer future for every Virginian is possible.

We are proud to endorse Betsy Carr for the Virginia House of Delegates.