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Colin Allred

US Senate Texas Democrat
Representative Colin Allred knows that no matter the situation, the best path forward is often to face the toughest challenges head-on. Born and raised in North Dallas, Representative Allred grew up attending public schools where he walked through a metal detector every morning, and by the age of 16, he had lost three friends to senseless acts of gun violence. Like so many in this movement, Representative Allred channeled his anger and energy into action and became a civil rights attorney before running for Congress in 2018—where he went on to beat an entrenched Republican incumbent and join a historic freshman class that helped flip the House blue and began to make real progress on gun safety. Following resounding reelection victories in 2020 and 2022, and years of working across the aisle to achieve real results for Texans, Representative Allred is now taking his service to the next level by running for the United States Senate against one of the gun lobby’s top enablers in Washington DC: Senator Ted Cruz.

In Congress, Representative Allred has proven that he will always put public safety over partisan politics—and in such a divided moment in our country, his level-headed approach to tackling gun violence is needed in the Senate more than ever. As a Texan, Representative Allred has always respected guns and commonsense gun ownership as protected in the Second Amendment. As a father, however, he also knows it is unacceptable that his child might not be safe at school, and he believes we must reject the idea that shootings at churches and schools are a regular part of American life. Representative Allred believes we can and must do more to build a safer future for every Texan, and in office he’s fought to close loopholes that allow domestic abusers to obtain weapons and to pass commonsense gun safety measures like universal background checks, extreme risk laws, and strong safe storage measures. In 2019, Representative Allred helped secure the first federal funding to study gun violence in decades, and in 2022, he played a crucial role in passing the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act—the first federal gun safety measure signed into law in nearly 30 years. 

It’s clear that the fate of the gun safety majority in the US Senate will run through Texas this fall. In recent years, Texas communities have been rocked by countless mass shootings and plagued by everyday community violence—all while Senator Ted Cruz stood in the way of progress and actively fought to weaken our gun laws. Representative Colin Allred is the solutions-oriented legislator Texans need fighting on their behalf every day on Capitol Hill, and with so much on the line this November, voters must send him to the US Senate. We know he’ll work every day to build a safer future for the next generation.

We are proud to endorse Colin Allred for the US Senate.


The gun safety movement is on the march: Americans from different background are united in standing up for safer schools and communities. Join us to make your voice heard and power our next wave of victories.