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Jason Crow

US House Colorado — 6th District Democrat
Congressman Jason Crow is a decorated Army veteran who served three combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. He represents Colorado’s Sixth District, a community which has witnessed horrific mass shootings at a movie theater in Aurora and nearby Columbine High School.

When Jason Crow decided to run for Congress in 2018, our country’s gun violence epidemic was a key factor motivating his decision. The sitting member whom he challenged had taken over $100,000 from the gun lobby while regularly pushing its reckless agenda in Washington DC. When Jason Crow hit the campaign trail, he spoke compellingly of the active shooter drills his young daughter endured in school and highlighted his support for lifesaving gun safety measures, including at a rally with Congresswoman Gabby Giffords. He went on to decisively defeat his NRA-backed opponent and has since used his military experience to lead on this issue as a Vice Chair of the House Gun Violence Prevention Task Force.

We are proud to endorse Jason Crow for the US House of Representatives in 2020.


The gun safety movement is on the march: Americans from different background are united in standing up for safer schools and communities. Join us to make your voice heard and power our next wave of victories.