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Jason Crow

US House Colorado — 6th District Democrat
Representative Jason Crow has a critical understanding of the deadly impacts of America’s gun violence epidemic, as it has plagued his home state more than most. In the last three decades, Colorado has been rocked by some of the nation’s worst mass shootings, from Boulder to Aurora to Littleton, as well as the tragic loss of young lives during the 2019 STEM School Highlands Ranch shooting in Representative Crow’s own district. At the same time, Coloradans like Congressman Crow know all too well that they do not have to choose between Second Amendment protections and safer communities—and they are moving forward from these tragedies with action. 

As a hunter and former Army Ranger, Representative Crow knows that commonsense reforms are needed to reduce gun violence, and in 2018, his successful campaign was one of Giffords PAC’s top priorities. In Congress, he serves as the Vice Chair of the Gun Prevention Task Force, and he has become one of the most ardent House supporters of funding gun violence research and passing the Bipartisan Background Checks Act. Congressman Crow has never bent to the whims of the gun lobby and has made it a priority to directly take on its corrupt practices: In both 2019 and 2021, he helped introduce the Equal Access to Justice for Victims for Gun Violence Act to remove gun industry protections that prevent victims of gun violence from pursuing legal action.

With our House majority on the line in November, we must ensure that we continue to have leaders in Congress who will prioritize gun violence prevention. The people of Colorado know firsthand that lives are on the line in this election, and we can honor their losses by ensuring that gun safety champions like Representative Jason Crow are reelected to Congress this fall. We know he will have the courage to act to end gun violence and ensure a brighter future for our children and the communities they call home.

We are proud to endorse Jason Crow for the US House of Representatives.


The gun safety movement is on the march: Americans from different background are united in standing up for safer schools and communities. Join us to make your voice heard and power our next wave of victories.