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Lamont Bagby

State Senate Virginia — SD-14 Democrat
As chair of the Legislative Black Caucus, Senator Lamont Bagby has been on the front lines of making Virginia a safer place to live, work, and raise a family. In Richmond, he has fought diligently to reinstate the one handgun per month law, pass and implement strong extreme risk protection order laws, and tighten background check requirements in an effort to save lives across the Commonwealth. Senator Bagby is committed to making sure that we curb the gun violence epidemic so that our children can grow up without the daily fear of falling victim to senseless shootings. We need our elected officials to find the courage to act and work to close loopholes in state law that put everyone at risk. With such a slim gun safety majority in place in the Senate, every seat will matter this fall—and we must reelect champions like Senator Lamont Bagby, who will always put public safety over the gun lobby’s backwards priorities.

We are proud to endorse Lamont Bagby for the Virginia Senate.