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Mark Herring

Attorney General Virginia Democrat
Mark Herring is the 47th Attorney General of Virginia and is seeking re-election for a second term to represent the commonwealth. Previously, he served in the Virginia State Senate and on the Loudon County Board of Supervisors. 

As attorney general, Herring has been a staunch advocate for gun safety. He stood up to the gun lobby, prosecuted gun runners and felons with firearms, and called for stronger regulations of “ghost guns.” In the last two sessions, the Virginia legislature has passed meaningful gun reform including background checks on all gun sales, extreme risk protection orders, mandates to report lost or stolen guns, and re-instituted a  one-gun-per-month law. Herring successfully defended the legality and effectiveness of these bills against feckless attacks by the gun lobby as attorney general. 

We are proud to endorse Mark Herring for Virginia Attorney General.


The gun safety movement is on the march: Americans from different background are united in standing up for safer schools and communities. Join us to make your voice heard and power our next wave of victories.